The “truth” has variations. From here, the beginning, I state that my goal is not to convince anyone to believe my version of what is true and what is not true. We all have a version or a definition of what is true. This is usually referred to as our world view, and how that definition is formed is something we can consider in future articles.

Several years ago I accepted a challenge—a challenge to look beyond what I already believed (my current world view) and started to try to figure out WHY I believed it. That is what is often referred to as a rabbit hole. A deep one. And I still haven’t been able to find my way out.

Easy or Hard Road?

Life is much easier if we simply “go along to get along.” That is what I did for about 60 years. I did what most people do. I stuck to the beliefs held by most people that surrounded me. We understand that. It’s what we all learn to do since our earliest years—conform. We don’t want others to think that we are “different” or “weird” or maybe…Heaven forbid…that we have lost our mind. We tend to believe that if most people believe something then it must be true, and therefore if we don’t go along with the what the majority believes we are simply wrong or maybe even criminal (or insane).

The harder road or path to follow is to wander away from the mainstream and accept the challenge mentioned above—be prepared to discard much or even most of what we have believed so far in our lives. To be a fish swimming upstream against the current. No, it’s not an easy thing to do. And in future articles I plan to share how it has even been painful for me at times.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Most people old enough to remember songs from the late 1980’s remember the Bobby McFerrin song with that title. And many others know the words because they have been thrown around in popular culture for many years as a slogan that offers us wisdom about how to live a stress-free, healthy, and happy life. For anyone who wants to listen to the song again or those who don’t know or can’t remember it, I offer a link here:

(Listen Here)

But if we take a moment to consider another possible meaning for those words (challenge the common belief), we just might consider the possibility that the words are a ploy to manipulate us. Later I will share information about mind control—how the people who rule the world do all they can to stop us from thinking (and learning) too much. Well-informed people who think freely are the biggest enemy of the rulers.

In past articles I have written about what I call a manufactured reality that has been defined for us. When we refuse to challenge this reality we limit our opportunity to pursue dreams and truly be free. Of course those that rule the world don’t like freedom. Rulers and government serve one purpose—to control us and force us to do what THEY want us to do. The doors to freedom open in front of us when we understand this. And freedom is at the heart of what this site is about.

Instant Replay

Again I state that my purpose is only to share ideas—to put them on the table where readers can consider them. They can accept the ideas or not. I am not trying to force anything on anyone or to sell snake oil. The better thing–my greatest hope–is that if a reader rejects or doubts something that I write here, that he or she would do more than say, “Ah, I don’t believe that” and move on. The better thing would be to take the extra minute or two and LOOK UP whatever it is that I wrote to verify–one way or another–if what I said was true. I realize that is asking a lot. American culture has become too lazy in recent decades.

As a final word, I promise not to simply blah-blah-blah my own ideas and beliefs, but to back them up with sources of information from which my ideas were derived.

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