What’s Next?

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My first thought was to dive right in and start to share information about HOW our indoctrination happens. But my second thought was to first offer an outline or summary of some topics that I am likely to write about and share on this website.

Before I begin, however, I want to offer another reminder that nothing I write here is intended to offend or hurt feelings of anyone. Even as I write words like “…about HOW our indoctrination happens,” I realize that some people may take offense to those words. Right away their mind will jump to “Are you saying that I have been indoctrinated or brainwashed?”

Well yes, that is what I am saying. But a second look will show that I said “…our indoctrination.” My belief is that we all have been indoctrinated. These first articles are the ones that are most likely to make others feel that they are being “attacked.” This is not true. Please read the site’s Disclaimer page for more information.

General Website Topics

With that business out of the way, let me follow up with my second thought and offer a few things that are likely to be shared on this site—at least the ones that come to mind now.

New World Order. Right off the bat those words will probably scare people away in droves. The mainstream (I like to call it lamestream) media is to blame for that. They usually scoff at the term, calling it a “conspiracy theory” and deny that such a thing as a New World Order (NWO) even exists.

But I firmly believe that a plan to establish a new world order exists. The last four U. S. presidents (those that preceded Donald Trump) have used the term publicly and stated that a NWO is needed and/or evolving. No details here. I only say that there is no set definition of what the NWO is, who is involved in creating it, or even exactly what it means. We can only be sure that it plans for a new “order” of things in the world—different from what we have known all our lives. The terms globalism and global governance refer to the same thing—a plan to eliminate nation states (countries) as we know them so the elite can more easily control the world. Therefore when Trump says, “Nationalism, not globalism” this is what he is referring to. He is against the plan to eliminate borders and countries as we know them.

Unnecessary Wars Overseas. This topic gets me into more trouble than any other. Again this is because our indoctrination has taught us to believe that America is better and superior, and therefore has a right to act as the policeman of the world to “make the world safe for democracy.” It’s a cover story, nothing more. Terrorism? America and its NATO allies create the terrorism and then use it as an excuse to launch invasions of other countries. The real reason? We all know the answer. Resources and financial gain. Also to prop up the petrodollar. (Look for a future article that explains what that means).

The part that sets me back is how so many American people don’t even bat an eye when their “leaders” cause the destruction and death on a large scale and no one stops to think how it would be if the opposite happened—another country bombed our land and killed thousands or even millions of people. Would we be upset? No one seems to even think about that.

Silhouette of a young boy at night, looking towards large flames
This isn’t (but could be) an image from one of those places half-way around the world such as Syria–places where the lives of millions of people are ended or disrupted by American/NATO invasions. It’s all done in the name of “fighting terror” as George W. Bush once said. More Americans need to turn OFF the mainstream news and invest some time in learning the truth.

Of course when I share my beliefs right away people say that I am “unpatriotic” and I don’t love my country. Apparently they lack the ability to understand that there are two separate issues there—one is loving country (the land and the people) but not supporting what the government does.

World Population. Some of the people in the highest positions power and influence in the world believe that the world is overpopulated, and that excessive consumption of natural resources and pollution are the result. Some of those people are in favor of massive population reduction worldwide. Even someone as mainstream American as Ted Turner has stated publicly that the ideal world population would be between one half and one billion people. I just checked the World Population Clock, which shows that the world population just passed 7.5 billion. Hopefully any reasonable person will ask, “What will become of the other 6.5 billion people?”

The issue is very complex. I tend to agree that population growth is alarming. Since I was born in 1950 world population has increased from 2.5 to 7.5 billion—three times in 66 years. This, along with the fact that the average amount of natural resources used by each human on earth also increases, does set off alarms in my mind.

That said, I don’t agree with the current strategy for reversing this trend. There are already many programs in place, including ones to reduce fertility (without the person’s knowledge and consent) and others to directly reduce population in certain parts of the world. I continue to believe that education is the only acceptable way to achieve population reduction.

Politics. Although many “political” subjects will likely appear in articles here, the site is not about politics. I do not believe in the “system” in America or any other country. My feeling is that the whole idea that there is validity to the whole Republican vs. Democrat, or liberal vs. conservative thing is yet another element of the manufactured reality that has been programmed into our minds since a very early age. I believe that these elements are tools of the ruling class, used to keep us fighting with each other and distracted so we cannot focus on the TRUE enemy—them. This “divide and conquer” strategy is not new; it was employed as far back as the Roman Empire. Yet generation after generation people never come to understand this and thus keep on believing that their lives will improve if only they can elect the “right person” to represent them. It will never happen.

Anarchism. Now THIS is one that will send people running for the hills. Voluntarism is the more palatable term, since the anarchism has multiple definitions, and the one that applies in the social organization context is not the one most used.

Do I believe that American society (or any other major society) could successfully switch over to an anarchic-type system (exist without any government)? Of course not. Especially since over the past 100-150 years people have become far too dependent on government and would be totally lost if there were none.

But I do believe that learning more about the ideas behind anarchism do a lot to help us understand the meaning of freedom—which as I have said elsewhere is a major focus of mine. And by the way—virtually all of us—people who work hard and respect the rights of other people already live under the principles of anarchism. I hope to demonstrate this in future articles.

Is There Anything Else?

No doubt the answer is ‘Yes,’ and it will probably come to mind the minute after I upload this article. But that’s okay. This is only intended to be a primer anyway, and not an all-inclusive manifesto of everything I will share in the future.

For anyone who may have ideas, suggestions, or questions that they would like me to include in the future, please send a message using the form on the Contact page. Thanks for reading.

One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. Actually thinking about the things makes you more conciouss on what is possible. Even if all that was not true, you still gained an insight on what is possible in this world. Really like your thought process. Probably one of the most controversial topics this day is politics, because its just a mess. We, the people, try to understand what is going on but globalization is turning us blind toward what is really important. I live in Europe and still everyone is talking about trump. What is going on we have our own problems and nothing is changing for decades. Maybe globalization isnt so good after all. I am not against globalization but we are in this transition phase where we are stille voting locally for sometthing. Even though we should have the oportunity to vote globally. One world if you know what i mean.


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