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We use that word traditional often. For me it has been just one of those words that simply exists in the English language. Not any more. That changed while I was watching a video this morning and the word took on a new meaning in my mind.

‘Traditional’ Is Hate Speech

No, no. Despite the name of this website I am not off my nut, at least not yet. It is the ‘progressive’ movement in Western societies that would refer to anything traditional as evil, bad, or even immoral. Let me offer the video here because Lauren Southern does a great job of explaining how many things that people saw as normal and correct 50 years ago have since been cast into the sewer by those who advance the principles of Cultural Marxism.

Our Quagmire

In Spanish the word that best equates to quagmire is atascadero, which then translates back to “a muddy place.” The verb atascar means “to clog; to jam or stop up.” Okay that’s enough language lesson for now. But I think the concept is clear. If Americans and peoples around the world are stuck in a quagmire, it is because of ignorance. That’s often considered to be a harsh or even insulting word, but the truth is that it means simply lacking knowledge. And for me if people lack knowledge it is primarily for two reasons: #1 the public education system controlled by “leaders” who do not WANT an informed and educated public, and #2 the apathy of the public itself (which in significant part ties back to #1).

As I have done many times before, I again offer a link to a documentary video titled “AGENDA: Grinding America Down” that does a great job of explaining how moves such as trying to remove God (Christianity) from American culture, the putrid education system, the downfall of the once-strong Western economies, and the overall decay of morality are actually tied together as part of an agenda to destroy America. This video totally changed my perspective, which was previously that the “problems” mentioned above were random and mostly caused by the “liberal” philosophy promoted by colleges and universities.

NOTE: The film was first released in 2010, but is still apparently commercially viable and for sale in some places. Therefore when it (the full movie) is discovered on YouTube it is taken down. I have noticed that links I have posted previously now only give the “This movie is not available” message. So if the same happens with this link don’t despair. Just search using the title above. I believe it is worth the 1 1/2-hour investment to watch.

We Need to Understand

Much or most of what Lauren Southern says in her video about traditional women is unfortunately out of the range of what most people realize. The average American has most likely heard the term ‘Marxism’ but does not really know what it means (and it not motivated to find out). And for this reason it is hard to understand how many of the problems we face today are actually related to and caused by Cultural Marxism.

As I suggested on the WELCOME page (scroll down the page to find a section called WORK), there has been a huge change in the employment ‘picture’ over the past 30-40 years. Personally I think this has been intentional, a part of a planned move towards transhumanism, which refers to technology (i.e., robots) doing work that was once done by human beings. And the change has not finished yet; some predict that by 2030 half, that is 50%, of the jobs done now (2017) by humans will be done by machines. To me at least that’s a scary thought. Not only because (at least some) people rely on work for their sustenance, but also because there are many people who derive satisfaction from their employment or work.

What will people do then, when they absolutely cannot find work? The answer seems to be that they will eventually perish (die). And while it sounds far-fetched, I believe that is part of the master plan of the global elite who have already referred to the vast majority of humanity as “useless eaters.” Alex Jones and many others in the alternative media have uncovered and reported on white papers of people in high places that even confirm this. Population reduction is a high, if not the highest, priority on their agenda. Many sources report that their goal is to reduce the current 7.5 billion population to between 500 million and one billion. Doesn’t suggest a good future for our children and grandchildren, does it?

Again I realize that what I have said here is controversial and will even provoke hostility from some who believe that things are just fine in America these days. Those people are entitled to their opinion, but to them I say that before you leave your vitriolic comments I refer you to my overall position. In any case all comments are moderated and nasty ones will be eliminated before they appear for others to read. Reasonable discussion of different ideas is welcome; nasty, caustic remarks are not.

Take a Stand

Again I feel like a flag in the wind—wavering between optimistic one day, and feeling there is no hope the next. Like so many other things we face these days, whether or not this nasty agenda can be stopped or even slowed down depends on the willingness and ability of thousands and millions of us to 1) become more informed about things we never learned in school (and that won’t be on CNN by the way), 2) share what we learn with others and encourage them to put on their detective cap and find out more, and 3) have the courage to stand up and go toe to toe with those who are behind the agenda I have referred to here.

I planned to place a meme here but I can’t find it now. Anyway it was one of several quotations that say basically “All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men (and women of course) to stand by and watch it evolve” (not an exact quote). That is a huge problem for us—the political correctness that has the majority of the population muzzled. Thank you for reading.

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