Hello from a retired vato living in relax mode in southwestern Mexico. This opportunity to kick back came after 46 years of toil that included 33 years providing service to people with special needs, four at a university, and three as a crew member of a nuclear fast attack submarine.

I am a former Californian; my years were divided between San Diego, Sonoma, and Humboldt Counties. During those years I watched California morph from being a dynamic and productive state into a socialist cesspool. It’s a sad thing to watch.

The Rest of It

Since retiring I have spent a huge number of hours divided between practicing computer nerdism, reading, and generally trying to figure out how the world around us works. Rather than try to summarize what I discovered I will defer to the contents of this My Lost Mind site. As stated in the article My Purpose, my goal is simply to share some of what I have learned. Free of charge. No dogma. It’s a take it or leave it thing.

My Lost World

After many years of thinking and planning to move to Mexico after I retired, After six years in the state of Colima, I now live on a hilltop just north of the Guadalajara-Zapopan metro area. The combined area of the two cities now almost arrives at 6 million inhabitants–NOT my favorite environment. I have had a few opportunities to live in smaller cities and towns (including Colima), which I prefer. But sometimes other life realities dictate what we must do, including where we must live.