Here I give due credit to creators—people who produce graphic images, photos, and other things—that I use in this My Lost Mind site that are not from websites that offer openly FREE images or sites to which I have paid for a subscription.

Many people believe that anything that is on the internet is in the “public domain” and thus free for the grabbing and use in personal projects, etc. This is not true, and with the advances in technology these days it is easier and easier to detect when someone has used an image without permission. Thus we can’t safely go to Google Images and use anything we find there. The site has several warnings to that state just that.

There are many creators who, while they do not charge a fee for their work, do require that attribution—“credit” be given to them to recognize them as the true producer. This is usually done under a Creative Commons “with attribution” license. More information about that can be found here:

Here is a list of images that I have used under this license. In cases where I made changes to the original image it is noted in parenthesis:

“Question” graphic header of What’s Next post:
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