My “My Lost Mind” website is a PERSONAL site, whose sole purpose is to share information with others. I am not a hostile or aggressive person, at least towards other “normal” people, the type of person who may stop and read things that I publish here. With that goes my assurance or promise that I have NO desire to offend, insult, or otherwise hurt the feelings of anyone who visits my site.

I provide this disclaimer because I know enough about human psychology to realize that people—INCLUDING MYSELF—are sometimes sensitive and tend to react defensively when certain things are directed towards them, either spoken or written. Our egos are fragile, something that I believe is a consequence of how most of us are raised. Obviously we cannot do anything to change that now. (Though we might look up and learn more about “peaceful parenting” to help future generations).

Most of what I share on this site reflects my OPINIONS. I do my best to give references that show how I came to believe what I believe. I am careful to focus on sources that I consider to be reliable; I do not automatically believe any and everything I hear or read. My general strategy is to take everything “with a grain of salt” until I have seen the same information in at least two or three places. And even that does not guarantee that the information is always accurate. After an information source is known and trusted, I usually relax this strategy. The bottom line is that nothing that we do not see or hear directly is 100% ‘safe.’ Even the most trusted sources make mistakes, and in any case they are usually offering their own opinions. I don’t believe this is a bad thing. Opinions are worth sharing, which is why I created this website in the first place.

Since I retired and moved to Mexico in April 2012 I have had the luxury of time, of which I have devoted to becoming informed about topics that interest me. Almost every day I spend an hour or two (and many days more) reading and viewing information. My mind has always been hyperactive. Rarely can I sit and stare at a TV screen and do nothing else. Some people refer to this as a “thirst” for information. And to boot I am a Sagittarius, creatures known to be curious by nature.

Does what I have said here mean that I am always right about what I say? Of course not. I am human and like everyone else prone to make mistakes. What I hope that visitors to my website will understand is that I am sharing what I have learned and believe. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not trying to sell or force anything on anyone. Everything here is offered on a “take it or leave it” basis. Thanks for understanding.