Has anyone else noticed that the U. S. seems to be stuck in a rut–of war after war that never end? If we look back to the start of the 20th century, there was in intermission between the world wars. The Korean War followed shortly after World War II and there has been barely time to take a deep breath between wars since.

Some wars are of short duration, such as when the U. S. invaded Panama between mid-December 1989 through January 1990. A year later the first Iraq war, usually called the “Gulf War,” was launched. Other wars, such as the invasion of Grenada in 1983, are relatively small-scale and a majority of Americans never become aware of them.

That all changed after the events of September 11, 2001. War has been continuous since. Barely a month later the U. S. invaded Afghanistan when the Taliban declined to extradite Osama bin-Laden and several others suspected of involvement in the attacks in New York. The war in Afghanistan is now the longest war involvement in history–spanning 16 years.

The World’s Policeman

Virtually all wars are justified under the pretext of fighting human rights violations or otherwise making the world “safe for democracy.” This is a lie. And even if it were true, who died and declared America to be responsible for solving all the injustice in the world? Whether U. S. leadership likes it or not, sovereign nations have a right to their autonomy. They may not like the president or leader of a given country, but that gives them no right to intervene covertly with the CIA and/or other special forces to remove the leader. Interesting also is the fact that these coups are selective; often leaders with a much worse “track record” are given a pass at the same time far more docile ones are toppled.

US/NATO War Agenda

No surprise then that the true motive for intervention in a country is not the conditions in the country nor who the leader is. What matters is whether or not the leader/country is interfering with U. S. economic interests. These invasions have gone on for decades. The first one that I personally became aware of what the overthrow in Chile of duly-elected president Salvador Allende, who had decided to nationalize the U. S.-controlled companies Anaconda Copper and a couple of others.

Even prior to the events of 9/11 and George W. Bush becoming president, a scheme was drawn up to conduct invasions of seven countries in the Middle East and Africa. An article that includes an interview with General Wesley Clark can be found by following this link:


Personally I detest and resent the actions of the supposed “leaders” of the U. S. who act in their own self-interest while we the American citizens lose face around the world. I have traveled and currently live outside the U. S., and can attest to the fact that Americans are hated, not admired (as most people believe). Few Americans know this because the news is always sugar-coated by the media that is owned and controlled by the warmongers. It is unfortunate that people in other places cannot easily separate the actions of the U. S. government from the American people themselves–so as to realize that we are not the reason for the terror and millions of murders committed by the government. But if we think for a minute we should be able to understand. How would WE feel if a foreign power invaded our country and overthrew the president that we elected?

In the interest of this not becoming a history textbook I will stop here. I will likely put links to related articles below in the future.